Restoring Order To My Life: Tip #10

We are in our final week of our restoring order series. I’ll be posting three tips this week, taking a break for Thanksgiving, then sharing a special announcement on Friday, so stay tuned!

Tip #10: Exercise, even a little bit.

I know everyone knows this, but actually doing it is a lot harder. I’ve been at both extremes from being a gym rat and working out most days of the week for hours on end to going years without exercising. By far, my life is much more enjoyable when I find time each week to exercise.

How do you determine what to do for exercise?

First, you need to find out what you love to do. Do you have a signature workout? Is there something that you love to do that gets your heart going? My personal favorite is hiking/walking. After Dragon Egg was born, hiking was the only thing that helped me keep my sanity. He was colicky for the first three months and wouldn’t sleep during the day. The only way he’d sleep was snugged on my chest. Getting out and hiking got me the necessary physical activity I needed, provided Vitamin D and some basic sun exposure, and helped my post-partum depression.

Now that winter is upon us, I prefer to stay indoors and exercise. I’m not a big fan of the gym. I can spend hours looking like I’m working out, but never actually complete anything. I’m also horrible at showing up to a regularly scheduled class.

My solution has been Beachbody products.

I love TurboFire. When you hear about signature workouts, this is mine. Nothing gets me going or working harder than this program. Another favorite of mine is P90X. I like that I can workout in my own home, on my own time schedule, and truly see results. I don’t like to mess around with my fitness. In and out. No short cuts, just good old fashion sweating and fun.

It doesn’t matter what you chose to do, just do something.

Multiple times a week.

For at least 30 minutes.


Keep exercise in your life, no matter what age you are, and it will help you to remain active, stay healthier, and feel better longer.

As Nike says, “just do it”.

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