Restoring Order To My Life: Tip #8

Tip #8: Dig into the Word

The most important way that I can “restore order to my life” is by starting my day with God’s Word. Spending even a couple of minutes each day reading God’s Word helps keep me steady and focused on what I need to do as a mother, daughter, sibling, wife, professional, and friend.

I will be honest though, I’m am not good at simply opening the Bible and knowing what to read or even understanding what I’m reading. Should I start in the new testiment? The old testiment? I also tend to get a bit confused when I read the old testiment. Ummm… God, what exactly am I supposed to be getting out of mold regulations?… How does this apply to my life?

My solution is to use bible studies. My favorite author is Beth Moore (Her David study is amazing. After studying the old testiment and David, we chose to make our child’s middle name David.) and I’m currently going through Kelly Minter’s No Other Gods bible study.

My only complaint with Beth Moore is that her bible studies include an hour+ long video (which you can purchase and download separately) each week. This is hard for me to fit into my schedule, not to mention a bit expensive when it’s a bible study for one.

I came across Kelly Minter about six months ago and personally like her studies better for individual study. You only need the study guide and a bible.

One other resource that I found really helpful was Jen Hatmaker’s book:  A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study. Jen puts the “p” in passion and I love to follow her blog. This book (A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study) helps you understand how to read the bible and get a deeper understanding of what you’re reading. This book is especially for those of you who want to dig into the bible and avoid bible studies all together.

No matter what you chose to read or do, getting focused on God’s Word is important for any Christian, especially for those stay-at-home moms like me. I’m not always available to attend a weekly bible study due to my child being so young and my husband having a very changeable schedule. So even though I can’t gather with other women like I love to do, I can continue to increase my own knowledge and discover God during this season of my life.

Have you come across any good authors that can be used for an individual bible study at home? Please share what you do.

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