Restoring Order To My Life: Tip #4

Tip #4: Make a Holiday Planner.

The holiday season comes in such a rush that I tend to lose track of everything I want to do. I’ll occasionally in January come across pieces of paper with ideas that I never had a chance to implement. I’m also semi famous for making a big holiday meal and forgetting one of the dishes.

So I came across this idea from another blogger and thought that this might be a good idea to try; making a holiday planner. Basically making a binder that will keep all of my ideas for the holidays, so everything is in one, portable place.

If you want to watch a video on on how to make this planner, click here.

This blogger describes in her video a Christmas planner that includes all she needs for the Christmas season. I chose to individualize this idea for my life and expanded it to include both Thanksgiving and Christmas. (I rarely do anything exciting on New Years, so I left that holiday out)

  Here’s what my planner looks like. (Please remember I’m not very crafty)

I expanded mine to include Thanksgiving, so I called it a “holiday planner” instead of a “Christmas planner”.

I chose a simple three ring binder. Nothing fancy here.

Once you open it up, there are tabs to your right and my first page is a general “To Do” list. I divided the list into Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Under each of the tabs I included several sheets of hole punched blank printer paper.

Here are the tabs I’ve included:

Tabs: Thanksgiving, Gift Giving

Tabs: Christmas Food, Traditions, Ministry

What I included under each tab:

1) Thanksgiving:

  • all recipes for the big meal
  • includes any pictures of table settings I want to use
  • includes ministries I want to support for Thanksgiving

2) Gift Giving:

  • includes a list of people I need to purchase gifts for and what I plan to get them
  • homemade gift ideas
  • address list
  • list of thank yous that will need to be sent out in January

3) Christmas food:

  • includes Christmas eve menu and Christmas Day (breakfast and dinner) menus
  • any food that we like to make during the Christmas season

4) Traditions:

  • Special things we like to do during the Christmas season that we don’t want to forget to do. For example: see the zoo lights, put up the Christmas tree, sing carols, send out Christmas cards, etc.

5) Ministry:

  • what organizations we financially support for Christmas, including how much we’re going to give
  • plans for how are we are going to show God’s love around us during the Christmas season

I’m sure some things will get changed around as the season happens this year, but I’m very excited to have a central place to keep all of my ideas. I can also keep this planner and use it again next year without having to start at ground zero. Perfect.

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3 Responses to Restoring Order To My Life: Tip #4

  1. Sarah says:

    Good idea! In our house it’s funny how pared down things have gotten over the years. Just really creating our own holidays and memories.

  2. I like this idea a lot. It reminds me a lot of the wedding planning organization I had to have once upon a time. I bet it will make the holidays a lot easier!

  3. grannyK says:

    You have inspired me!

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