Restoring Order to My Life: Tip #2

Tip #2: Clean the kitchen before going to bed every night.

I started doing this two weeks ago and it’s made a huge change in how my mornings begin. Waking up to a clean kitchen helps me feel like today is a new day that’s full of possibilities, instead of feeling like the day is already hard and is just going to get worse. Also, I can begin my day playing with Dragon Egg and getting both of us fed, instead of clearing the counters in order to find supplies for breakfast.

If you follow Fly Lady, then you’re familiar with this concept. Fly Lady recommends cleaning your sink so it shines every night before bed. I honestly don’t care about my sink shining, but having the counters/stove top clean and all of the hand dishes washed before I wake up in the morning increases the chances of me cooking breakfast and having a better, brighter attitude.
I’ve started to make a habit of cleaning the kitchen after dinner. I keep Dragon Egg in the kitchen and set him to play on the floor while I clean up. By the time he has to go to bed, the kitchen is minutes away from being clean and I can rest for the night.

Try this tip and let me know if it improves your day.

If you missed Tip #1, click here.

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