50 Pumpkin Recipes for Fall

I just about squealed for joy when I saw this post this morning and thought I’d share.


50 Pumpkin Recipes

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3 Responses to 50 Pumpkin Recipes for Fall

  1. Laura says:

    I love pumpkin recipes too! The link is great. I’ve already written down three that I want to try soon. I can’t wait. Fall is unofficially here in my book! Which recipes are you going to try?

    • moxiemountainmom says:

      I can’t wait to try the pumpkin streusel pancakes, pumpkin hummus, pumpkin chili, and finally the cake roll. These recipes look SO good. I can’t wait to whip them up and see what they taste like. Which did you chose?

      • My husband doesn’t care for pumpkin, so I picked recipes where the pumpkin is there, but not the main focus. So I picked pumpkin apple walnut harvest rice and pumpkin chocolate chip granola bars.

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