Baring My Breasts All Over Town

I can breast feed with a mouse.

I can breast feed in a house.

I can breast feed with a pan.

I can breast feed with some jam.

I do so like it, yes I do. I do so like it, how ’bout you?

Okay, I realize I’ve been reading too much Dr Seuss to Dragon Egg (DE), but my point remains. I believe breast feeding is important and if my baby needs to eat, watch out, you might be the next person I breast feed next to.

Some of the weirdest places I’ve had to breast feed to date include:

  • a park bench
  • on a trail in the middle of the wilderness
  • on a busy street corner bench
  • in a field
  • on an airplane
  • Starbucks
  • many, many restaurants
  • in the food court at the mall
  • in our parked car (this is probably the easiest place to breast feed)

And the list goes on.

Let me also include that I use a nursing cover for more public situations.

I was recently at Chick-fil-a and it always seems to work out that DE needs to eat the second we get into a restaurant. We were there during the afternoon rush hour(s), so I sat down in a booth, put on my nursing cover, and fed him. A lady with multiple kids on her arm stopped at my table and thanked me for breast feeding in public. She said that she rarely sees women do this and thinks that women should feel more comfortable breast feeding in public.

I couldn’t agree with her more.

Women, don’t hide in the car or in the restroom.

Be proud of your choice and commitment to provide your child with the best sustenance in the world.

Be discrete, but be public.

As a fellow breast feeder, I need the encouragement as much as you do.

So next time you’re in a public situation and your kid needs to breast feed, scoot over next to me and we can bare our breasts together.

What do you think about breast feeding in public?

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