Carry and Conceal, My Response to Aurora

Colorado can’t seem to catch a break this summer. Wild fires threatening our homes and now a massacre just an hour from where we live.

After reading through the basic information about the shooting in Aurora, CO by James Holmes, I can’t find words to describe my feelings.

Anger, disgust, fear…

I find myself scanning through news articles daily for information to understand why someone would do this. I know anyone who could do something like this is mentally ill, but that just doesn’t seem to be enough of an explanation for me.
So without a better understanding available, I stand over my infant son’s crib and watch him sleep. I think about how those families must be grieving and how fast life can be over.

I don’t like to feel like I am without options. That I just have to take the violence of mentally insane people who want to hurt others. I refuse to play the victim. So what are my options?

Move to Alaska…live in the middle of no where. My family and I can live off the land and not be in the way of people trying to make a name for themselves by killing others.

The only problem with this idea is I’d probably be eaten by a polar bear and freeze to death. I grew up in the suburbs. I like my car, my hair salon, take out, and most importantly, I won’t have Starbucks. There’s the deal breaker. I’ll leave the outdoors living to someone tougher than me.
Ok, so back to the drawing board…

I’m a Christian. I believe that the Bible is God’s word and instruction for how we should live our life. So if I’m to believe the Bible, it says that I shouldn’t hide from society; build high, strong walls around my family and refuse to engage with others. I’m supposed to be in the world. Not comfortable, basking in my own fear. I also shouldn’t fear death. I have work that God has placed on my heart to do.

Great. (sigh) Once again, that rules out escaping to the wilderness.

So I’ve decided the one thing I can do. We live in a free nation. We have the right to carry a firearm and I’m about to start exercising my right. And I’m not alone.

I’ve read multiple articles describing the events that unraveled in Aurora, CO. James Holmes was not playing. He chose to open fire on a crowd of unsuspecting, innocent people. What would have happened if someone had opened fire on him? I’m not advocating vigilante behavior, but senseless slaughter is just that – senseless.  If it could have been stopped by one responsible US citizen who used his right to bear arms to guarantee the safety of others, I would deem him a hero.  I deem Holmes a coward. I know he was wearing a bullet-proof vest, but the impact of a bullet can still be felt through armor.

This is my plan. My husband and I will pursue getting our conceal and carry license. I will carry a gun with me. I will be willing to defend myself. I will not be another helpless victim. I will fight back. And I will continue to live “in the world”. (and enjoy my Starbucks)

How about you? What will you do?

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One Response to Carry and Conceal, My Response to Aurora

  1. Amy Fidler says:

    Hear hear!

    I agree w/ the CCW b/c Andrew & I both have one, but I don’t think it would have helped in this scenario. You’re in a dark theater w/ many panicking people. How can you tell where to shoot and how to not hit other civilians? Additionally, he was wearing body armor that the average carry weapon won’t be effective against. I’m not trying to dissuade you from getting one; just indicating it’s not going to be a great solution for that scenario (but definitely could be for others).

    Also, I usually don’t carry when it’s just me and the kids. Women’s clothing isn’t suited for it, and a handbag w/ kids around isn’t an option.

    Anyway, Andrew & I can give you a lot of details about what works for us if you’re interested.

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