My New Favorite Product

This may be a bit nerdy to blog about, but I have to share my new find.

I love to use fresh lemons and limes. The problem is that I typically don’t use fruit fast enough and end up with brown, hard fruit crowding my refrigerator.

So after complaining to my husband about this issue, we decided to true using Real Lemon/Lime.

I hate this product. While it’s very convenient to use, I find it makes things taste bitter. We recently tried using it in Mai Tai’s and if you’re used to using real fruit, this is not a good substitute. It tastes artificial and has a really harsh flavor. (Disclaimer: if you weren’t brought up using fresh citrus, you might not notice a difference in flavor. Matthew says he can’t tell a huge difference between the two, but admits that his mom used this product when he was a kid. It could also be that I’m really fussy.)

So we went back to the drawing board (for my sake). We recently came across True Citrus products and I’m in love.

The citrus is crystallized and then sealed into individual packets. They don’t add any sugar or extra calories. Using one packet (which is the size of a salt packet) equals one wedge of fruit. You can even reconstitute it with water to use in a recipe. I can not tell the difference in the taste of this product versus the real thing.

It’s even resulted in Matthew drinking water. He just dumps a packet of citrus into his water bottle and goes.

So all is right in the world once again. 🙂

Have you come across any new products that you absolutely love?

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One Response to My New Favorite Product

  1. Laura says:

    I’m going to have to give that a try. I’ve run into the same problem and had simply accepted my fate.

    As for products I’ve discovered lately … do spice rubs count? I am such a slacker most evenings. When I have a pre-prepared spice rub I can make an awesome meal without a ton of effort. I’m still experimenting to figure out which ones are my favorites. I get the recipes online and go from there. Store bought spice rubs are highway robbery!

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